EYP CZ has long-term cooperation with secondary schools throughout the country, which regularly send school teams to our conferences.  

Apart from the sessions, we also organise events directly at secondary schools. These aim to introduce students to the activities of our organisation, current European, domestic, and world topics, but also to provide students with a platform for expressing their opinions, improving their knowledge of a foreign language, and public speaking directly at school.

We usually organise two types of events:

Presentations of the European Youth Parliament (EYP) 

In about 45 minutes, we will briefly introduce you and the students to our activities, what projects students can participate in and what participation can offer them. 

European Youth Parliament Day

European Youth Parliament Day (EYP Day) is an approximately six-hour simulation of the EYP CZ conference, which we organise directly in schools. Our members will come directly to you and introduce students to all parts of our conference program in an interactive way, that is team building, working in committees, and the general assembly. Students thus have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the basic principles of work at the meetings, and teachers can assess the possible benefits of the organisation for their students and the school. 

If you are interested in an EYP CZ event at your school, or you would like to register a school delegation for the planned RSC, fill out this questionnaire, or contact us on 

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