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EYP CZ holds conferences every year to which school teams or individual delegates can apply. 

The Regional Selection Conferences of EYP CZ are held every fall in two cities in the Czech Republic and are attended by up to 300 secondary school students. From these, approximately 150 students are selected to participate in the National Selection Conference of EYP CZ, which will take place in the spring of the following year. From there, some students are selected to represent EYP CZ at International Sessions of the EYP network abroad. You can find more information about the planned events here. 

Regional and National Conferences are very similar in terms of programme. They consist of team building, work in committees, and a general meeting. Students will be given space to debate current issues, present their views to others, argue and find joint solutions in a team with other young people from other backgrounds, all in English. Students will improve their communication skills and join a Europe-wide network of young active students! 

Would you like to participate in EYP CZ events?

  • 1. Application Fill out a short application form.
  • 2. Become a member We will invite you to one of our planned conferences.
  • 3. Self-development You will get to keep on attending our events and conferences in the Czech Republic and across Europe.
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Řekli o nás

Valuable lessons

EYP opened my eyes in every way possible. It’s a playground where you spend time with dear friends while learning many valuable lessons.

Diana Šabatová, in EYP since 2018 Head Organiser of the Regional Selection Conference of EYP CZ Liberec 2021
Valuable lessons

Opportunity to learn

The EYP has made me a better man. It helped me learn, and allowed me to help others learn. That's what makes EYP so powerful.

Marek Navrátil, in EYP since 2011 Czech Republic
Opportunity to learn

Without the fear of judgement

EYP has allowed me to authentically express myself and my opinions without the fear of judgement.

Anka Stieberová, in EYP since 2018 Czech Republic
Without the fear of judgement

Broadening horizons

It's the way the EYP broadens your horizons - the sheer realisation just how diverse and gripping Europe and the world are. I would not be where I am today without the EYP.

Jan Václav Nedvídek, in EYP since 2009 Czech Republic
Broadening horizons

Our Partners

General partners

  • CPI

Event Partners

  • UNYP
  • MZV
  • MŠMT
  • Pilsen Region
  • Olomouc region
  • Olomouc City
  • Hertie Stiftung
  • SPŠE Pilsen
  • Moravian Business College Olomouc
  • European Parliament Liaison Office in Czech Republic

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