Potential Partners

Why support EYP in the Czech Republic?

EYP in the Czech Republic is a non-profit volunteer organisation with a long tradition in the Czech Republic and Europe. We engage active youth in the discussion of current social issues, create a platform for sharing opinions and at the same time develop their communication skills, critical thinking, teamwork, organisational skills and foreign languages.    

Financial support from both the private and public sector allows us to hold educational events and engage more active students every year.  

What can we offer you?


We include partners’ logos on all our events’ outputs, both print and digital. We share photos from our events on our social media with an international reach.  

Access to young people

Every year we organise panel debates, roundtables and workshops for young active people aged 18–30 in cooperation with external experts.  

In the past, our activities have been supported by

If you have any questions or ideas for potentional partnership, please do not hesitate to reach out to Member of the EYP CZ Board Responsible for Fundraising. 


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