Connect with like-minded individuals

Get a chance to meet and network with the most inspiring people of your generation. The people you meet at EYP stay with you for life, join the EYP Family.

Focus on your personal development

No matter how well you think you are prepared for life and work, everyone has something new to learn. Through EYP, you’ll get the chance to discover yourself, work on your weaknesses, learn from experts and be fully prepared for your chosen career path.

Explore the World with EYP

With our network across 40 countries, you will have the opportunity to travel and discover a multitude of new cultures and meet amazing people along the way. No matter where you go, there will always be an EYPer to show you around.

Your Journey with EYP

Why EYP?

EYP is the only student organisation that works with its members for life. From developing their full potential and helping with job and university applications to internships, and professional development, we help our members in all walks of life. No matter where life will take you in the future, you will always be a part of the EYP family.

What we can help you with

                1. Improving your English and public speaking skills
                2. Personal development and understading
                3. Boost your CV with extra-curricular activities
                4. Meeting amazing young people from across Europe
                5. Making friends for life
                6. Finding internships and carreer interests

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