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Our Mission

The European Youth Parliament is a peer-to-peer educational programme that brings together young people from across Europe to debate the pressing issues of our time. Our mission is to inspire and empower young Europeans to be open-minded, tolerant and active citizens.

The European Youth Parliament (EYP) in the Czech Republic was established in 1998 and through its over 20-year lifespan developed into one of the largest platforms for youth debate and development in Czech Republic and Europe.

What We Do


Open Forum for Youth

We provide a forum for young people to develop and express their opinions on European political and social issues in an open and welcoming environment.


Intercultural Dialogue

We support intercultural understanding and peacebuilding by bringing young Europeans with different backgrounds closer together to share ideas, opinions and practices.


Skills Development

We present young people across Europe with diverse opportunities for personal growth and skills development through non-formal and peer-led educational activities.


Network of Changemakers

We create a network of the next generation of diverse, young changemakers, equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to positively shape the world around them.


The European Youth Parliament is one of the largest European platforms for constructive debate, intercultural encounters, European civic education and the exchange of ideas for young people in Europe. Since its founding in 1987, hundreds of thousands of young people have taken part in national, regional and international EYP sessions, built friendships across borders and learnt.

More about us

Join Us and Shape Your Future

  • 1. Application Fill out our short application form
  • 2. Screening We will contact you regarding the next steps
  • 3. Join our Network If we think you have what it takes, we will invite you into the network
  • 4. Attend our Events Attend our events and sessions across Europe
  • 5. Benefit Make lifetime friends, travel across Europe and enjoy the experiences EYP has to offer
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