Why support EYP in the Czech Republic?

The European Youth Parliament in the Czech Republic focuses on extracurricular education for high school and university students. The mission of our organization is to create a platform for the safe and free sharing of the views of young people, through which they can learn informally. Every year we organize 3 conferences and other smaller events in English, where young high school students debate European and global issues. We place great emphasis on developing soft skills, such as communication skills, argumentation, critical thinking or teamwork. Thanks to the involvement of international facilitators, we are building intercultural dialogue with an emphasis on strengthening civic engagement.

Are these values important to you and your CSR? If so, the support of our organisation seems to be a great choice for your social responsibility.

What can we offer in return?

Access to young people

The organization has a wide membership base of people aged 18 to 26. If you are targeting this cohort, this can be one of the main benefits of the mutual partnership.


We list the logos of partners on all materials and outputs from our events, both in print and online. Promotion on our social networking sites is a matter of course.

Cooperation on joint actions

In addition to conferences, we also organize smaller events, such as seminars, workshops or panel debates.

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